!!!Calling all Men!!!

We are calling all men who have any part in the life of a child\children. (All who interact with children examples: Fathers, Grandfathers, Uncles, Foster Parents, Older Brothers, Church Youth Leaders, )

The reality is that “parent” is still usually taken as a code word for “mother.” When ‘parenting groups’ are advertised and when parenting research is done, it is usually based towards mothers. The only way to find out what is happening for the “invisible parent” in America was to point the spotlight directly and specifically at him.

It is a fact that children need their fathers and fathers need their children. Father absence not only denies the unique benefits that men gain through active involvement in fathering and family life, but it has shown harmful to child development and well-being. The presence of the father is only the beginning. Current thinking is that perhaps the father’s role is dispensable and unnecessary for rearing healthy children but overwhelming evidence points to the contrary. The father plays a valuable, unique and irreplaceable role. It is the QUALITY of his presence that matters most in enhancing the lives of his children and other family members. The Nurturing Father brings those attitudes, values, and skills to children and family that best support growth, development, and stability.

This program is a 13-week evidence-based course, that will run once a week and last from 2hrs. to 2 1/2 hrs. depending on the size of the class. A meal and daycare will be provided during the class. The participants will get a journal to follow along with the instructor and for home activities to be completed before the next class. The program does include a confidentiality agreement that members and facilitators will sign. At the conclusion of the program a program evaluation will need to be completed and a Certificate of Achievement is awarded to each group member. This course will count for a parenting class credit for court.

To register for the next Nurturing Fathers Program call 970-345-2225. Class size is limited and spots fill quickly, so please call soon to reserve your spot.
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