Who are we?

The Rural Communities Resource Center (RCRC) was founded in 1984 by a small group of women who wanted to help their community by creating programs and services to break the isolation experienced by rural women and families and by filling the gaps in services that were missing. It serves Yuma, Washington and surrounding counties in rural, northeastern Colorado. The RCRC has two offices one located in Yuma County and one located in Washington County Colorado (Washington County Connections).


The Rural Communities Resource Center is a grassroots, nonprofit organization in Northeast Colorado. The Resource Center provides advocacy, education, and support to create systems change and develop programs that promote the physical, emotional and economic health of the area.

General Information:

The Rural Communities Resource Center has many programs which include: Resource and Referral to other community agencies, Family and Women’s Health Programs, Family Literacy Program, and a Literacy Lending Library. Other programs focus on Homeless Prevention, Youth Leadership Development, Domestic Abuse Prevention and Intervention, Child Care Resource and Referral, Food Bank, Emergency Assistance and outreach to Legal Services. We also offer internship and volunteer opportunities.