New Year and a New Role

We would like to announce our new Executive Director, Holly Thompson.  She is a lifetime community resident and has a love for all.  Holly has been with RCRC\WCC since 2013 filling many roles. Holly has an indescribable passion for Early Childhood Education as observed in her many diverse roles in each office.  Holly loves to do family advocacy work and help build strong relationships between the people she serves and the community as a whole. She is a very active member of the community both as a professional and mom. She is an active member of her church and sits on other boards and committees through Washington County.

She recently held the role of interim Executive Director from June until December of 2017. Holly formally accepted the official role and title of Executive Director of Rural Communities Resource Center and Washington County Connections on December 19th.   We are excited to welcome Holly into her new permanent leadership role and cannot wait to start the new year with new excitement in regards to all the wonderful changes that will be taking place.

Holly taking some time to enjoy our young volunteer.



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